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In April of 2018 the World exhibition show was held in Buenos Aires, Argentina. 260 Dogo Argentinos came from all over the world to compete for a World Championship of Work and Show. Out of those 260 Dogos, Cardo took 3rd in show and confirmation.

All of the contestants then participated in the hunting exhibition. Dogos were taken out by the judges and hunted in groups of 4-6. If they didn't score a 9 or 10 out of 10 on the scale they couldn't advance to the next round. One of the highest scores posted was Cardo. This is where there is a huge difference between a dog that has caught a hog once upon a time and one that will hunt and hunt like they should. This eliminated many dogs and the few advance to the sociability round. The Dogos have to go into crowded farm life environments and show control, mental stability, and focus. They are taken through many people, chickens, cows, horses, etc. and then come across the scent of hog blood and then must navigate the trail without chasing after any other animals. Cardo passed with ease. The last thing that is asked is to catch and hold a giant wild boar alone in which Cardo did an outstanding time of 22 seconds. He saw it, pursued, caught and held until was broken off. Only 6 dogs out of all the dogs in the world made it all the way through. Cardo was one of them. He is 1 of 7 World Champions of Work and Show alive in the world today and he is proudly standing at stud at Circle S Kennels. This is just a brief overview of his talent and ability. He represents everything a Dogo should be. He's proven to the highest standards in the world. He has the finest genetics on the planet. 

 He is Cardo de la Cocha.

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