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The History of the Dogo Argentinos

Dogo Argentino overlooking valley
Dogo Argentino - Rio Cuarto, AR

When it comes to hunting dogs, the Dogo Argentino is the top breed to have when hunting big game; hogs, pumas, buffalo and other large animals! It’s crazy to think that these dogs have the physical capability of catching and dispatching these dangerous animals.  These Dogos have a long history of one of best breeds that is capable of holding its own. 

The breed traces its origins back to Argentina in 1928, when several purebred dogs were crossed with the old Cordoba Fighting dogs. These breeds included Spanish Mastiffs and bull terriers. In the early 1920s, Dr. Antonio Nores Martínez was incline to develop a dog that can hunt several destructive animals that were detrimental to the region’s agriculture. After several crossbreeding with the Cordoba Fighting Dog and many others (10 total breeds were used) the successful result was the Dogo Argentino. 

Hog hunting with dogo argentino
La Cocha, Argentina

Back in the old days, the Argentinian sportsmen didn’t use firearms to hunt; only the knife by their side. They needed to make sure that the dog they had was able to track their prey, brave and agile enough to dodge attacks and powerful enough to hold their own. These were things that Dr. Antonio Nores Martinez had envisioned what he wanted his dog to have.

Eventually the Dogo Argentinos was nationally known by Argentine Kennel Club in 1964 and then globally recognized by governing dog shows in 1973 in South America, Europe and other non-speaking countries. 

Even though the Dogo Argentinos may have been recently recognized by the American Kennel Club (AKC) in 2020, they were highly popular among Americans as the go to breed for hog hunters. Because of this, Americans have yet seen how powerful and well built they are. 

Dogo Argentinos have a long rich history that continues shake the dog breed world and competes for the top spot as the best hunting dog for big game.

Dogs used for crossbreeding into Dogo Argentino.

  • Cordoba Fighting Dog

  • Great Dane

  • Pointer

  • Bull Terrier

  • Boxer

  • Bulldog

  • Pyrenean Mastiff

  • Irish Wolfhound

  • Spanish Mastiff

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