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The King whose crown was stolen by the Corona virus

This year Covid has stopped many things and was no different for Dogos in competition. After much thought and debate we have decided to bring Floqui home with unfinished business in Argentina due to many uncertainties as to when the shows may or may not be able to continue. He was on his way to clinch a World Championship of work title with AMDA in 2020. This is a strong statement but having owned multiple other Champions we know what the dogs are supposed to be. These titles are not given away over a weekend but over the course of a season. They have to score good enough in many categories to be able to continue and accumulate points to be able to compete for the crown at the end of the season. They have to score well in show. Score well in social tests. They have to score well in pack hunting. Score well in solo hunting and catch huge boar and subdue them alone. Score well in game recognition etc. and on and on. Not to mention the grind of a long season to remain in great physical condition while gladly and willingly cooperating with fervency for their master. If scores aren’t high enough the dog may not continue. This is why so few ever receive such a title. Floqui has already scored a perfect 10 in pack hunting. A perfect 10 in socializing tests. A perfect 10 in field tests. He was not able to compete in solo hunting which is one of his specialties which he proved himself to us weekly in the field by dominating his prey unlike any other. He was not able to compete in show but at an unbelievably young age he won the absolute best puppy at the National Exhibition of the Argentine Dogo in Córdoba. We continued his training in Argentina for several months waiting for an opportunity to compete in 2021 because of our great confidence in him but the Corina delays continue. So we are pulling him out of the circuit and retiring him early. His strength is incredible. His speed is uncanny. His structure is impeccable. His personality couldn’t be better. The pictures you see of him here are at still a young age and his muscles continue to develop and looks better and better each day. He is a once in every 10 year dog. He is Floqui and is standing stud at Circle S Kennels.

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